Computer Science Tuition Classes

Computer Science Tuition Classes

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Computer Science Tuition Online Exams and Academic Courses | Find Tutor Online

We provide Online Computer Science Tuition for the students of all grades. Take private classes of Computer Science with the professional teachers of your choice. After the course selection, you decide whom you would like to learn with.

When homework gets tough, get tougher Boost your career with our Online Tutors. Our highly qualified online Computer Science tutors provide you best online personal classes of computer science and help you learn Computer Science. Tutors provide immediate help related to Computer Science coursework, homework, regular online tutoring or anything related to his studies anytime, anywhere. You may also Join here English Tuition Classes and Accounting Tuition Classes. Check Find-tutor Courses Pricing Plan.



Up to 11 Years (Primary), 11+ (Secondary), GCSE,
A-Level or Highers, Further / Higher (University)




Pearson | Prentice Hall | Oxford University Press | Houghton, Mifflin Company | Cengage | John Wiley & Sons

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11th and 12th Grade
1st to 5th Grade
6th to 10th Grade


1 Hour Class
30 Minutes Class

Days Plan

1 Day Per Week (4 Classes/Mo)
2 Days Per Week (8 Classes/Mo)
3 Days Per Week (12 Classes/Mo)
4 Days Per Week (16 Classes/Mo)
5 Days Per Week (20 Classes/Mo)
6 Days Per Week (24 Classes/Mo)


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